Weaving Connections: Documentary 

Writing with Light Workshop

Excellent photography and strong writing are linked by the primacy of powerful images. By combining these two art forms, students and teachers draw profound connections about the power of detail, the essence of composition, and the need to plan before execution and revise for perfection. When visual literacy is paired with verbal fluency, students - without exception - become highly motivated, eager to express who they are and what they think.

Workshops are tailored to complement curriculum, build skills with the media on hand, and foster experiential learning for each student. Most recently I presented on global storytelling through a local lens at UNC's Global Education Conference and I produced a 15-day documentary filmmaking program for high school journalism students via grants from The Pulitzer Center. I've created projects designed to trigger authentic expression, fostered by the idea that to write and photograph is to make meaning of the world. In addition, I teach documentary filmmaking as a way to dig deeper into  topics from globalization to identity and students create vivid stories accurately reported and collaboratively made. 


"Over the past two years, Diana Greene has truly become an invaluable pillar of Pulitzer Center's NewsArts program. She is an inspiring, visionary educator and filmmaker who has designed multimedia education programs that guide students in making authentic personal connections to pressing global and local issues, while also cultivating students' global competency, critical thinking and digital storytelling skills. Diana inspires students to use filmmaking skills to explore their local and global communities with a deep curiosity and compassion. Through interactive, rigorous hands-on programming, she also empowers students with the research and filmmaking skills to design professional-level films that powerfully articulate their voices as artists and journalists."

               Fareed Mostoufi, Senior Education Manager, Pulitzer Center

"While my 4th graders dive into the work of portraying their inner selves through language and photography, I find myself wishing I were 9 years old again and doing the project right alongside them. She is a phenomenal artist, writer, and teacher."                      Lenora Simpson, Teacher, Arts Based School

"Through the amazing Arts Based School my son has had the opportunity to work alongside the brilliant artist/writer/photographer Diana Greene. This collaboration has led to a victory over dyslexia and a new found love of writing. I am one proud mama!!"

              Donna Hester Wright, parent and art teacher

"Ms. Greene is really passionate in what she does, and it shows in the quality of her presentation".     

                   Keith Snow, 4th grade teacher, Kimberley Park Elementary School

"Under Ms. Greene's guidance, the participating students created highly compelling autobiographical narratives and associated photographic images. Their work demonstrated deep personal reflection as well as astounding technical mastery well beyond their years."
                  Michael Christiano, former Curator of Education, SECCA


"Students in our program come to the U.S from countries all over the world, speaking a panoply of languages. Diana was tirelessly inventive in the ways she found to teach the students about portraiture, language, and writing as well as about seeing, interpretation, and point-of-view. Students understood that the visual is indeed a language that can transcend our many different tongues."

                  Terri Dowell-Dennis, Associate Curator of Education, Weatherspoon Art Museum


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